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When was the last time your checked your online business listing (business citations)? If you haven’t checked your local online business listing recently, I highly recommend you do so sooner than later.

More and more, businesses are discovering incorrect information pertaining to their businesses (address, phone number, web address, pictures, etc) that are causing potential customers to either go to wrong the location or call an incorrect number.  Talk about getting frustrated and getting frustrated quickly.

With the increase use of mobile devices, it’s imperative that your address and phone number is correct. Today many of your existing clients and potential clients are using their mobile phones to get directions to your location.  An incorrect address and can create upset customers and potentially put you in a position of losing new customers. An incorrect phone number is no different than an incorrect address.  Don’t delay fixing your address and phone number…it’s critical.

How can I fix my local business listing? River Horse Internet Marketing can accurately and quickly fix an incorrect listing in most directories (Google Business Listings require more time).  Contact us today at 912.401.4800 to learn how we can help you fix your business listings. We are your local online business listing specialist in Savannah.

With over 18 years of experience, we understand the potential pitfalls of business listing corrections and how to handle them correctly.