PPC Consultant Savannah | PPC or SEO? Which One???

PPC Specialist Savannah

SEO and PPC Which one???

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are complicated processes. Choosing the correct approach depends on multiple factors.  Are you selling a product or a service online?  Is your target marketing local, national or both? How many competitors are competing for the same keywords and keyword phrases?  Many times we are asked which one will benefit our company and create the most opportunities/conversions.  It depends on all the factors previously mentioned and more.

We have discovered that sometime it’s necessary to run a PPC campaign along with you SEO to increase exposure and conversions simply due to the amount of competition.  In order to gain exposure and traffic, it may be necessary to launch a PPC campaign (Google Adwords) to capture additional terms that may be difficult to compete on from an SEO perspective.  When you have multiple companies competing both locally and nationally for the same terms, a PPC campaign will help you greatly.

In some cases, SEO holds more value than an ad. Based on the complexity of the product or service, an organic ranking can deliver high quality traffic that converts better.

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